På eventyr i ødemarken

På initiativ fra Dave Treadway presser Peak Performance rammerne for, hvad der er muligt på ski. Ifølge Peak Performance så vender filmen opfattelsen af freeskiing på hovedet. Det tvivler jeg nu lidt på. Jeg er nu også ganske godt tilfreds med, hvordan freeskiing klarer sig lige for tiden. Dave har taget Mr. Windstedt med dybt ude i Pembertons backcountry. Her tager de langt væk fra al civilisation for at klatre et af områdets højeste bjerge.

Det lyder lidt som freeskiings svar på Brokeback Mountain, men modsat førnævnte, så er der her kommet en stærkt underholdende film ud af det.

Let’s Go Get Small

Interview med Henrik Windstedt

1) How tough was it filming in the remote wilderness and hiking these tall peaks?

It was hard, scary and something I never done before. A true adventure but at the same time there was a lot at stake. Every mistake, so far from home and 150 km from civilization, can have serious consequences. That also affect the way you ride, you need to be more careful and the way up is as intense as the ride down.

2) Best advice for someone wishing to explore the backcountry?

Research the area before you go and go with people that know the terrain. If you don’t have those people among your friends, go with a guide. Safety always comes first hand for me.

Let's go get small

3) Funnest and most scary moment of filming for the movie?

When we reached the summit of Mount Monmouth and the only thing that held me to the mountain was this small rope. There was hardly no room to stand, just ice, a tiny bit of snow and about 450 meters down…

The best moments of the expedition came to me after, when I remembered what we had done. While out there I was so focused that it was hard to feel or think anything at all. It’s of course a great feeling after a good ride but you really need to concentrate full time in these terrains.

4) Any plans for doing a sequel next season?

Not at the moment…